I posted a warning in regard to Deal Extreme, A.K.A., DX (see Complaint Number 336409). In case you're still intending to order a bright, shiny, ridiculously cheap, free worldwide postage item from this massive Cowboy outfit, here's a list of the defective items I ordered and received and the compensation offered.

Gun laser. Completely dead on arrival. Sent it back at own cost. Replacement sent after wrangling for 5 weeks via DX's Customer Services 'Tickets' system. Replacement worked on 3 occasions during a period of 3 weeks and died. *Continued wrangling for months getting absolutely nowhere. Gave up. NOTE: *Hereafter abbreviated to "Wrangling".

Dummy CCTV camera with PIR activated fake scanning lens and flashing red light. The only Dummy was me, didn't work straight out of the box - Wrangling.

2 "Turbo" or "Blow Torch" style lighters. One didn't work straight out of the box - the other lasted a whole 3 weeks before it, too failed to ignite - Wrangling.

Wireless Keyboard and mouse. Sent with no USB dongle - useless straight out of the box - 4 months of Wrangling.

Battery charger, didn't work straight out of the box - Wrangling.

Palm sized MP3 and video media player - Crashed Windows XP 2007 every time it was attached to my PC - no instruction manual. Months of Wrangling.

Laser Pointer, (to entertain my cats), didn't work straight out of the box - Wrangling actually produced a replacement which, to be fair is still, to my utter amazement, still working.

So, there you have it - of 9 orders, 7 were defective or were unusable due to something missing.

Now, compensation.. Be ready to laugh - of $96 spent on completely, here's that word again, COMPLETELY useless items ...Wait for it...

$4 off my next order, and this only took 2 years to be offered and enough written words via DX "Tickets"

to reassemble into another version of "War and Peace" and still have enough left over for a sequel, perhaps, "Son of War and Peace".

I joke.. But believe me, none of this has been a joke and, after being fobbed off, fudged and continually F**ked about I've finally declared war on DX and written to tell them so.. I'm not a chronic complainer, or a Chinese xenophobe or some nut with a universal Grudge Complex.. I'm just some poor git with very little money who has been very badly treated by a Company whose Customer Service staff are obviously there for one reason only, to avoid making recompense for their Company's trading commitment to selling defective items sourced from hopelessly Quality ignorant Chinese manufacturers.

If you haven't got the message yet.. A quick word about buying anything from Deal Extreme..


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