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The Chinese online Company Deal Extreme offer thousands of ridiculously low priced items that are delivered to your door via free worldwide shipping. We all understand the concept of "Too Good to be True" yet, like lambs to the slaughter, these bright, shiny gizmos continue to attract Buyers..

Before you too get suckered and sucked into the "˜Cheapo' trap, consider this.. China's burgeoning economy has spawned thousands upon thousands of new manufacturing Companies each desperately reducing their profit margins by any means possible in order to win manufacturing contracts with Companies all around the world but, more relevantly, with Companies such as Deal Extreme.

Logically, there are only a few ways in which small to medium sized manufacturing Companies can compete in China's massively competitive market.

1. Employ a workforce comprising horrendously underpaid individuals. The result? A workforce consisting of individuals whose abilities and intelligence level fall short of the minimum required by more efficient Companies whose more lucrative salaries reflect that Company efficiency.

2. With profit margins at rock bottom, of necessity, avoid any expenditure on skills training of the workforce.

3. Of necessity, avoid expenditure on modern manufacturing machinery and the controlled maintenance of existing manufacturing machinery.

4. Save money by employing no Quality Assurance or Quality Control personnel.

5. Utilise "˜Piece-Work' manufacturing methods requiring individuals to maintain "˜Quantity' in direct opposition to "˜Quality'.

6. Buy and use the cheapest materials available regardless of their suitability.

Now, in conjunction with 1. to 6. above, consider Deal Extreme's free worldwide shipping policy. "˜Ever tried posting something from where you live all the way to China? It isn't cheap and it works both ways, i.e., Deal Extreme posting items from China to where you live. With that in mind, hold on a moment ..That bright, shiny ridiculously low priced gizmo you're considering buying from Deal Extreme includes the cost of worldwide shipping. Does this illustrate for you just how little Deal Extreme has paid the manufacturer for your gizmo and, as described in 1. to 6. above, the sad truth of the situation? - "Too Good to be True"? as it happens, no is true ..but good it ain't.

Go on.. Do it.. Don't take my advice, ignore logic and the umpteen Internet postings by disappointed mugs who've been similarly duped, do it ..order your Gizmo and good luck; the law of averages? You're going to need all the good luck you can get..

Deal Extreme, of course, is not alone. As each new year passes the Internet spawns ever more "˜Chinese Cheapo' outfits whose own profit margins are driven ever lower due to their own market sector competition. The result? Continually increasing demands for even cheaper Gizmos from the Chinese manufacturers and the wheel of "˜Cheapo-ness' just goes around and around.

Somewhere, sometime, some smart-*** told us, "Competition is Good". That person's long dead and revolving in his grave..

"˜Bottom Line? Don't be a mug, take some sound advice and stick to buying from China the only consistently reliable product they sell


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